Racial Equity & Justice

Goal: Our goal is to encourage educators to engage in courageous conversations about race and equity with each other and their students by providing both online resources and ongoing professional learning on racial justice for local educators.


Nov 8 | Dec 6 | Feb 14 | March 14 | April 12 | May 9

4:00pm - 5:30pm (office hours 5:30pm - 6:00pm)

Free | Virtual

CRE will partner with the Santa Cruz County Office of Education to develop an Ethnic Studies Teachers of Color Circle (ES-TOCC). This ES-TOCC will be made up of teachers who identify as teachers of color, who are currently teaching Ethnic Studies or would like to teach Ethnic Studies in Santa Cruz County. The goals of the ES-TOCC are:

  • Support the retention and development of Teachers of Color in Santa Cruz County

  • Support the development of an Ethnic Studies community in Santa Cruz County

  • Provide a process to support Ethnic Studies teacher identity development

  • Provide a space for teachers to develop Ethnic Studies curriculum that is responsive to the students and their families at their schools.

  • Provide a space for teachers of color to center their wellness as a way to model how they can center wellness for their students.

  • Provide a space for teachers of color to create community and become teacher leaders who can step into providing support and development in Santa Cruz County.

  • Provide resources and a network of educators of color state-wide and across the nation.

Audience: Teachers of Color


Jan 10 | March 21 | May 16

4:00pm - 5:30pm (Office Hours from 5:30pm to 6:00pm)

Free | Virtual

Culturally Responsive Education , in conjunction with the Santa Cruz COE) will offer the following for Ethnic Studies Teachers or those interested in teaching Ethnic Studies. We are also offering support to specific districts that would like to develop Ethnic Studies courses and develop implementation plans.

  • Ethnic Studies Teacher and Community Development

    • Community Responsive and Culturally Rooted Teaching Philosophy Development

    • Ethnic Studies Pedagogy workshops

    • Practice teaching

  • Ethnic Studies Curriculum Development

    • Develop Ethnic Studies content (these components may be included but not limited to the following)

      • Lesson Plan and sample activities

      • Enduring Understandings for each lesson

      • Essential Questions for each lesson

      • Unit Sequence

      • Standards Alignment

      • Project Descriptions

Audience: Educators


Nov 9, 2022 | Jan 26, 2023 | March 9, 2023
| Virtual (TBD)

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education’s Race & Equity Affinity Action Group is a space for teachers of color and white allies to connect, reflect, share and learn from each other on their journey of becoming antiracist educators. This group provides ongoing support and leadership for ethnically diverse educators and is open to all teachers, veteran and new.
Our goals are to:

  • Increase equity for all students

  • Develop a community of practice based on culturally responsive and antiracist pedagogy.

  • Promote and sustain the leadership of teachers of color.

Audience: Teachers

Please contact Marvilyn Quiroz with any questions.


First Meeting: Dates TBD | 8:00am - 9:00 am

Virtual | Free

Make time to learn from local and regional colleagues implementing grading changes in their schools, and learn from recent research. These meetings are an opportunity to collaborate and problem solve in order to improve grading & instructional practices.

To learn more and join the project, please contact Cristine Chopra

Audience: Administrators


Please contact Debi Bodenheimer, Associate Superintendent or Melissa Roberts, Director of Equity.