Goal: Develop the capacities of all stakeholders to implement California's Math Standards and eliminate the persistent, predictable opportunity gaps between students of color and caucasian students as evidenced by CAASPP, MARS, Interim Assessments, and/or District Benchmark Assessments. Utilize strategies to develop more positive math mindsets for students, and focus on more Equitable and Engaging Teaching for all student groups (especially linguistically and culturally diverse language learners) as recommended by California's new Math Framework (expected May 2022).


SVMI Math-Focused Professional: Learning Follow-Up Series

Virtual: 3:30-5:30 Zoom

Follow-Up #1: 9/21/21

Follow-Up #2: 10/28/21

Follow-Up #3: 12/7/21

Follow-Up #4: 1/27/22

Follow-Up #5: 2/15/22

Participants will deepen their understanding of the Five Dimensions of Mathematically Powerful Classrooms to create and nurture a classroom culture that fosters mathematics discourse to deepen conceptual understanding while integrating SVMI tools & resources.


Teachers, Instructional Coaches K-12

The in-person series for 2021-22 has been cancelled due to COVID

Principal as Instructional Leader in Math (SVMI)



Zoom 9:00-12:00

Network with other principals/administrators

Build math-focused instructional leadership skills


Principals, Administrators, Instructional Coaches

2022 California Math Framework: Teaching Math for Equity and Engagement

The 2022 Math Framework has been delayed. Forums will be scheduled once the second draft is made public (March, 2022?). Watch our C&I Newsletter for information as it becomes available.

Build awareness and share application strategies for the New California Math Framework (Expected May 2022), and leverage opportunities to share feedback to the CDE to improve the second draft of the document. Discussion topics to include:

  • Using Open, Engaging Tasks + Invite Student Questions/Conjectures

  • Supporting Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Language Learners in Math

  • Planning Teaching around Big Ideas + Center Reasoning/Justification

Math Teachers, Instructional Coaches K-12

California's Math Interim Assessments and Tools for Teachers

Session Repeats: 11/08/21; 2/8/22

Zoom 3:30-4:45

Discuss practical strategies to use CAASPP Interim Assessments (such as IABs and FIABs) in order to generate formative assessment that informs instruction, and to familiarize yourself, your students, and their families with the CASSPP Math test format and test items. Learn how Tools for Teachers integrates with the Interim Assessments, and can support math teaching and learning

Participants will need password protected access to the Test Operations Management System Resources [TOMS] from their district

Teachers, Principals, Instructional Coaches

SC County High School Math Network

Fall, 2021.

The Santa Cruz County High School Math Network is a group of high-school educators who come together to learn about and discuss topics of interest or concern. Topics determined by the group.

Teachers, Principals, Instructional Coaches

Santa Cruz County Math Network Improvement Community (Math NIC)

Quarterly Network Meetings: Zoom 4:00-5:30

Network Meeting #1: 11/4/21

Network Meeting #2: 2/3/22

Network Meeting #3: 4/22/22

Teams meet x2 times monthly

A Team-centered professional development model that fosters trust, cooperation, innovation and constant improvement.

Teachers, Principals, Instructional Coaches (by invitation only)

Online Math-Focused PD

Available anywhere, anytime on the SCCOE On-Demand PD Library.

Going Digital with Number Talks: Practical Strategies and Resources (with local math leader Dr. Patricia Dickenson)

Video (56 minutes), Slides

3-Act Lessons in Math

Video (10 minutes), Slides

Making Math Connections with Virtual Manipulatives (with local math leader Dr. Patricia Dickenson)

Video (30 minutes), Slides

Teachers, Instructional Coaches

Past Events

SVMI 2022 Summer Math Institute

Virtual Institute (Zoom)

Watch this space for dates/times.

For teams of teachers at schools or districts. Individuals may also attend. Engage in rich, mathematical tasks. Refine highly effective instructional strategies. Strategies to support the range of student groups, including language learners. Jump start partnerships, build a learning team, grow in mathematical understanding.

Math Educators K-12


For support tailored to your school or district's needs, or for questions, please contact Kevin Drinkard Math Coordinator