Goal: Our goal is for Santa Cruz County to be a model of safe and inclusive schools for all students and families and especially for LGBTQ students. The research is clear: when students feel safe, supported and included in school, their learning increases, their engagement increases and more students graduate from high school who are college and career ready.


LGBTQ+ History Month: Curriculum Preview

Sept 23, 2021

3:30-4:30 pm

Free, Virtual

At this event, Rob Darrow & Stephanie Sumarna will provide an overview of the curriculum materials available to educators to use with their students for LGBTQ+ History Month and beyond. Facilitators will also explain the events associated with History Month.

Audience: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Administrators, Counselors

LGBTQ+ History Month Challenge

October 2021

Download the list and learn about one new LGBTQ person or event each day in October.

Download the list here in pdf. Or here in JPG.

Audience: Educators, Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, Students, Families


Please contact Debi Bodenheimer, Associate Superintendent.