LCAP / DA / Assessment

Goal: Develop the capacity of district teams to engage in continuous improvement cycles that address and eliminate the persistent, predictable, opportunity gaps between students of color and white students as evidenced by Dashboard data and through the annual update in Local Control and Accountability Plan.


LCAP 2021-22 Supplement Training

Dec. 13th, 2022

AB130 added a requirement that LEAs complete a supplement to their LCAP to report on implementation of programs and services, mid year assessment data and expenditures. This workshop will provide an overview of the template and reporting requirements

District and charter LCAP writing teams

LCAP 2022-23 Engagement with Educational Partners

Mid January 2022

This workshop will introduce the annual update template, provide best practices for engaging with our community partners.

District and charter LCAP writing teams

LCAP 2022-23 Goals, Metrics and Actions

Early February 2022

This workshop supports participants with ensuring that their LCAP development address the eight state priorities. We will look at the new requirements for goals that address low-performing student groups and schools per AB130.

District and charter LCAP writing teams

LCAP 2022-23 Increased or Improved Services

March 2022

LEAs are required to demonstrate how they will increase or improve services for English Learners, Foster Youth and Low Income students. This workshop will provide both an overview of the requirements and best practices for aligning goals, actions, metrics and expenditures to ensure that the LCAP addresses the unique needs of these student groups

District and charter LCAP writing teams

LCAP 2022-23 Writing Sessions

March April May 2022

Two-hour writing sessions to support teams with development of their LCAP. Each session will include instructions, examples and opportunities for guided support.Writing sessions will address stakeholder engagement, goal development, increased or improved services and the LCAP story.

District and charter LCAP writing teams

Local Indicator Training

May 2022

LEAs are required to report on their local indicators with the LCAP adoption in June. This workshop provides an overview of the tools available for this report as well as sample board reports

Directors, Assistant Superintendents

Differentiated Assistance: Data Analysis Protocols

Available for districts working with the COE on Differentiated Assistance plans

This training will share data analysis protocols for use during the 2021-22 year. Teams are encouraged to bring data to practice using one of the protocols.

District Differentiated Assistance Teams


Please contact Angela Meeker, Senior Director.