Common Elements

Common Elements across Focus Areas

Here are the “non-negotiables” that we consider and address during every PD session, regardless of the topic. We may not cover every one of these during a session, but we will make every attempt to do so. Additionally, our PD sessions are grounded in Adult Learning Theory, to ensure that the unique learning styles and needs of adults are addressed to maximize learning.


  • Equity: How does our Professional Development support the learning needs of all students? How can this Professional Development support differentiation?

  • Student Groups: We must always consider the needs of our special education students, English Learners, GATE students and other diverse student groups to ensure equity and access.

  • Formative assessment and feedback/data: We will support the use of formative assessment and feedback/data in our PD sessions, to ensure that this is always built in to teacher lesson planning and intervention/enrichment analysis.

  • Technology integration: Technology integration has become critical in this time of distance learning and hybrid instruction. All sessions will include the appropriate integration of technology.

  • SEL: We recognize that the Social and Emotional well-being of students is imperative to create conditions that maximize student achievement.